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TrueTimber Spring Camo Patterns

TrueTimber Strata:

The hottest all-purpose tactical pattern on the market! Strata incorporates both macro and micro camo schematics. The macro design breaks up the human outline at all distances while the micro design melts into any terrain at close range. From the open country of the west, to the mixed forests of the south, to the leaf barren late season hardwoods of the east, you simply won’t find a more effective all-purpose hunting pattern.

TrueTimber HTC Green:

Some might say that green symbolizes both the beginning and end of seasons for hunters. From the foggy mornings of Turkey Season in May, to crisp September afternoons during Archery Season — HTC Green conceals hunters against the remaining color of recent foliage. The perfect mix of oak limbs, leaves, and twigs dissolves movement into various green landscape patterns. For those who chase game year round, HTC Green follows one season's end, only to join another season's beginning.

TrueTimber Kanati:

In Native American tradition, legend told of a great hunter. The first hunter who taught all others. He never missed, and so his people never went hungry. His name was Kanati–the namesake of our most popular pattern to date. Kanati captures elements of brush, twigs, limbs, bark and leaves from their natural environment, to form a best-selling camouflage pattern that is versatile and effective in forests and woodlands everywhere.