AirPack 90 - Compact Inflatable Ground Blind - Strata

TrueTimber's AirPack 90 Compact Inflatable Ground Blind
Featuring Patent-Pending First Ever Air-Supported Technology!!!
Inflates in less than 2 minutes and packs into a standard size backpack and weighs 20lbs!
The revolutionary TrueTimber AirPack blind series provides hunters with a smarter, faster and wildly more efficient option to traditional ground blind technology. This simple-to-use, lightweight design brings reliability, strength and the ability to repel harsh elements without breaking. With a 270 degree curtain design for firearm enthusiasts and an archery focused door providing hunters a multitude of shot angles, this blind is best in class - 300D Poly.

  • How Does Air Beam Technology Work?
    These blinds will withstand wind, heavy ice, or snow accumulation and other elements that collapse and destroy conventional ground blinds with rods or poles.

  • Multiple Shooting Options:
    TrueTimber's AirPack blinds come equipped with snap-on, removable shoot-through mesh curtains that can be moved up or down to accomodate hunters' preferences.

  • Ready To Hunt In Less Than 2 Minutes:
    Every TrueTimber AirPack ground blind is built for fast, efficient and quiet set up. Our double action pump makes all models simple to inflate in 1 to 2 minutes. A one-way valve is at the center of the blind roof and allows for easy access when inflating or deflating.

  • Roomy Shooting Dimensions:
    TrueTimber's AirPack blinds deliver ample room for both bow and gun hunters. The 75x75x80" dimensions and a patent pending shooting rest sewn into the walls provide a 360 degree shooting area. The Air beams are located in the corners of the blind and will not obstruct your view/aim when shooting.

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